How to thrift like a pro and find one-of-a-kind items for your home.

Below are my go-to thrifting tips to help get you started:

Tip 1: Facebook marketplace is your friend.

Screenshot of the save button on facebook marketplace listing

Tip 2: Flea markets, yard sales and thrift shops, oh my!

  • This might seem obvious but I never have cash on me so if that’s also you, here’s your friendly reminder to take out cash ahead of time. Most sellers won’t have change for bigger bills ($50 or $100) so make sure you do.
  • Do some research ahead of time on Facebook marketplace to get an idea of what people are charging for the items you’re looking for and use that as a price point. If a seller has a few pieces you’re interested in, consider negotiating a discounted rate.
  • When it comes to yard sales & flea markets, the old adage “the early bird catches the worm” rings true.

Tip 3: Cultivate patience

  • Have an idea of what kind of items you’re looking for, this way you can pop into any thrift shop on a whim while always having in mind what to be on the lookout for. I like to use Pinterest for this because it’s another great way to make the algorithm work for you, plus you can create as many sub folders within a board as your heart desires. I created a main ‘home’ board and then created subfolders for each room, for art, plant styling etc.
Screenshot of a Pinterest board with home decor images
  • Take measurements, know your space. Don’t guesstimate, you’ll be sorry.
  • Use this time to think things over — maybe you don’t really need another bookshelf? Maybe you can rearrange what you’ve already got? Get creative. Helpful tip: think about how much of a pain in the ass it’s going to be to move that piece of furniture if you had to move out. I call this ‘The pain in the ass meter.’
  • Decide what’s essential. Make a list of everything you need and don’t filter yourself, just get it all down. Then, review your list and decide what’s top priority and what can wait. Can you live with just 2 kitchen chairs for now? Are new bedsheets more important than a bedside table? Take the time to reflect and shuffle things around. Note — This can and will change over time so this is a list you’ll wanna revisit and edit as many times as needed.

Tip 4: Last but not least, don’t forget to tap into your social network & community.

A sunny living room with a coffee table, some plants and a couch that has a cat sleeping on a blanket.



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